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Gazprom's exports surge

26.08.2002 | Source:



In the first seven months of 2002, the Gazprom gas holding increased itsexports to foreign countries beyond the CIS by 3.9 billion cubic meters,Deputy CEO of the gas monopolist Bogdan Budzulyak stated at today's meetingof the board of the Russian Energy Ministry. He pointed out that in thisperiod, the company increased gas supplies to consumers in the CIS andBaltic countries by 2.6 billion cubic meters. According to Budzulyak,Gazprom's supplies to the domestic market amounted to 204.1 billion cubicmeters in the first seven months of 2002. He pointed out that the currentdebt of Russian consumers to the company was RUR43.7bn (about $1.38bn).In the first half of 2002, Gazprom's gas exports were 65.517 billion cubicmeters, which was 960 million cubic meters more than the planned volume,and 2.040 billion cubic meters more than in the corresponding period of2001. In the first six months of 2002, gas consumption amounted to 185billion cubic meters in Russia, which was 3.9 billion cubic meters lessthan the planned level and equaled to the corresponding figure of 2001..


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