Source Pravda.Ru

Russian Stock Market Remains Stable

Situation remained rather stable on the Russian stock market today. Share prices were a little higher at an opening compared to yesterday's closing. Investors are selling Russian securities due to instability on world markets. At the same time, as a result of trading on the oil market, a downward tendency on the MICEX seems not to have finished yet, even though no rapid fall is expected to occur on the market now. A side trend is likely to continue. According to experts, Russian stock market depends on world markets now. This proves hesitations of Russian traders about its perspectives even for a short period of time. If world oil prices stabilize, the situation on the Russian stock market may stabilize as well. In this situation, shares of RAO Unified Energy System of Russia may go to the 2.50-ruble level. The side trend is predicted to continue on the market until the end of this year, and RAO UES' shares will continue fluctuating within a 2.50-2.95-ruble range.