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VimpelCom reports rise in number of subscribers

27.08.2002 | Source:



The number of subscribers to VimpelCom, the second largest cellularoperator in Russia, surpassed 3.74 million people as of now, including 3.11million in Moscow and the surrounding region, VimpelCom representativesannounced at a press conference devoted to the company's financial resultsin the second quarter of 2002 and the first six months of this year. As ofJune 30, 2002, the subscriber base of VimpelCom, including itssubsidiaries, was about 3.28 million, including 2.85 million in Moscow andthe Moscow region. This was 176 percent more as compared to thecorresponding period in 2001. VimpelCom representatives announced thataccording to data from independent researchers, the company's share on theMoscow market (including the Moscow region) was 52 percent by the end ofthe second quarter of this year against 39 percent in the correspondingperiod last year. The share of Mobile TeleSystems on the Moscow market was43.5 percent and of Megafon - 1.9 percent..


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