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FATF experts consider Russian banking system corresponding to international standards

First deputy chairman of the financial monitoring committee of the Russian Finance Ministry Yuri Chikhanchin stated that experts of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) consider Russia's banking system as one corresponding to all international standards.

Chikhanchin made this statement Friday in Tula (an administrative centre of the region of the same name 175 km to the south-west of Moscow), where the FATF delegation is currently on a visit. The Finance Ministry representative accompanies international experts in their trip.

"Everything goes smoothly. Guests get qualified answers to all their questions," Chikhanchin reported. Answering the question about the audit already held by FATF experts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Finance Ministry representative noted: "The main thing is the understanding of the fact that we have a common enemy, whose combating requires the unification of all our efforts."

The FATF delegation has plans to visit Friday a training centre of the Bank of Russia in Tula, Express-bank, the Tulsky Promyshlennik (Tula Industrialist) bank, the Tula branch of the Military Insurance Company, the Tulaselkhoztekhnika leasing group, and a city pawnshop.

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