Source Pravda.Ru

Slow rise continues on domestic stock market

A slight rise in prices continues on the Russian stock market. The Rostelecom telecommunications giant enjoyed the most significant rise, i.e. its preferred shares surged 3.6 percent over an hour and a half of trade on the RTS exchange. Shares of the Mosenergo energy giant went up 1.73 percent and RAO UES increased 0.85 percent. Oil shares are rising at a lower pace, for instance, YUKOS was up 0.5 percent. The RTS index is going up very slowly and it has reached 381.35 points.

Analysts from the Energocapital investment company forecasted a rising tendency to continue in the short-term while a sideways trend would be observed in the medium-term. They noted that the foreign news background was almost neutral and traders could start fixing their profits by the end of today's trading session.

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