Source Pravda.Ru

KLAAS (Germany) to Set up Harvester Production in Lipetsk

KLAAS (Germany) has plans to build a harvester-manufacturing plant with a capacity of 3,000 units per year in Lipetsk. KLAAS's executives have already discussed the issue with the region's administration. As the company's head of strategic development Ralf Bendisch informed, having visited various regions of Russia, the German delegation had decided that the Lipetsk Region was the most suitable for their project. Among the region's advantages are special investors' benefits, local production of raw materials (Novolipetsk Metallurgic Plant) and qualified personnel readily available. As one of the precondition for setting up the production, the German side insists on numerous 'satellite' companies being created with the purpose of producing metal blanks and spare parts. By some estimates, the implementation of the project's initial stage would cost up to million. The plant itself would take two years to build.

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This is a liberation fight from the Soviet EU