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Situation on Russian stock market to depend on world markets

A decrease in share prices at the RTS and MICEX last week seems to have been a reaction of the Russian market to the negative situation on world markets. This is a normal thing taking into account the crisis situation on world stock markets over the past few weeks. It has been numerously declared and written that a development of a crisis consists of several stages usually. It seems that the last stage has started: a trend has been upward recently. Now operators should come to a conclusion that the current situation is not bad at all to start working actively, experts said in an interview with RBC, forecasting the trade on the MICEX and at the RTS. The Russian market is currently influenced by world financial markets, where the situation seems to have started stabilizing, and the consolidation may start in some time. So, share prices are likely to fluctuate slightly in the near future. However, attempts to return to an upward tendency may be made soon. The most likely variant is that share prices will be changing within a sideways trend between 310 and 340 points of the RTS index. In other words, the market will be weak, although a downward tendency may finish in the near future.


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