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Italy Believes Russia May Join Wto As Early As In 6 Months

On Tuesday, an Italian deputy minister on productive activities, opined at a seminar devoted to economic cooperation between Italy and Russia that Russia might become a World Trade Organization member as early as in 6 months. The fact that Russia is going to be admitted to the WTO is acknowledgement of the role the country is playing in such difficult for the international community times, according to the minister. Russia is becoming a more reliable partner. In this connection he stressed that Italy supported its entrepreneurs' attempts to enter the Russian market. The Italian state-run investment insurance company SACE has recently lowered the risk indicator with regard to Russia.

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Near the United Nations Glass Palace in New York, there is a metallic sculpture entitled "Evil Defeated by Good", representing Saint George transfixing a dragon with his lance. It was donated by the USSR in 1990 to celebrate the INF Treaty concluded with the USA in 1987

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