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World Economic Forum Attentively Follows The Activity Of Russian Government

President of the Davos World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab declared that the forum "attentively follows the activity of the Russian government and its successes in conducting reforms." Schwab pointed out that "this time the reform is supported by all those with whom we meet." He believes that this strengthens Russians' confidence in the future and is favourable for investors who can invest in Russia being sure of it. According to Schwab, Russia is an inseparable part of international community. Just before Russian president Vladimir Putin made a speech at the plenary meeting of the forum's visiting session, Schwab stressed that the world economic community has been impressed by the process of reforms in Russia. This makes us confident in this great country, stressed Klaus Schwab and added that it is very important for investors. The president of the World Economic Forum invited Vladimir Putin to take part in its regular session in Davos. He pointed out that Putin is "a man who created a new image and a new reality for Russia". "He is powerful, responsible, young, and energetic person who is oriented to the future," Schwab said.

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