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Putin Says Nation's Welfare Is Goal Of Government

Vladimir Putin has said the government will surely do everything possible to raise the Russian nation's welfare. While speaking at the Davos forum session in Moscow, Putin said that "the government was considering judges' income rates." According to him, judicial reform will make this sphere more efficient. The head of state stressed that the incomes of court officials "must be commensurate with that of people working in other fields." "It is obvious, Putin said, that the government wants the military to have a larger income." "We want a totally new pay scale in the agricultural sphere as well," the president said. According to him, the government aspires to increasing the salaries of those working in the intellectual sphere - in education and the health care system. At the same time, the head of state underlined, the government's actions and decisions must be responsible and well-balanced. "In my opinion, the current plans are the most appropriate," he stressed. "We shall further raise the Russian nation's welfare," the Russian president said, noting that primary attention will be paid to people working in the above mentioned spheres."

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