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Russia denies reports about deploying military men in Egypt

The Federation Council, citing the Russian Defence Ministry, refuted statements about the deployment of Russian servicemen in Egypt. Reports about Russian military specialists and drones being sent to an airbase in Egypt were fake, the Izvestia newspaper reports.

The reason for the reports to appear was a message from Reuters about Russia's move to deploy 22 specialists and a certain number of unmanned vehicles in Egypt alongside the Libyan border. 

"The Ministry of Defence does not confirm this," First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov said, adding that one should not pay attention to this news. According to him, such reports appear as elements of the information war that is "now being waged against all."

At the same time, Sasapost publication wrote not that long ago that Russia was strengthening its influence in the Middle East, while the US does not interfere with it. The author of the article refers to Syria, where Russia took the reins of power, after which Syria became "a typical symbol of the restoration of equilibrium in the Arab region and a vivid evidence of the weakening of American influence in the Middle East."


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