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How much Putin earned in 2016

14.04.2017 | Source:


How much Putin earned in 2016. Vladimir Putin
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The Russian President Vladimir Putin has earned about 8,858,432 roubles in 2016. That is about 157,502 dollars.

The declaration has been released on the Kremlin website.The previous year the Russian leader earned 8.891 million roubles.

According to the 2015 data, he owes a parcel of land, a flat, a garage, as well as a flat and a garage in use. Beside that, he has the GAZ M21, GAZ M21-R, Niva cars and a Skif trailer. The parcel is of about 0.15ha, flats make up 77 and 153 square metres respectively. The garages are each of 18 square metres.

As Pravda.Ru reported, in 2015 Vladimir Putin decided to cut his salary by 10%.


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