Source Pravda.Ru

Russian PM discusses restoration of life support in areas hit by flood

The measures to restore life support systems in North Caucasian regions that had suffered from the flood were discussed Monday at a session attended by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov and other ministers.

Among the priorities, the session named helping citizens who had suffered from the flood to return to their normal life, taking care of elderly and lonely people, giving young people from the regions an opportunity to enter universities and to find jobs, as RIA Novosti learned at the Department of the Government Information.

The prime minister instructed his subordinates with resuming the work of all schools and hospitals before September 1st.

"Before the beginning of the cold season, the energy supply and heating systems will be fully restored," the session promised.

The prime minister was briefed that potable water supplies had been organized to the regions that had suffered from the flood. To the areas that are difficult to access, water is delivered by helicopters.

By now 50 per cent of all water pipelines, 80 per cent of railways, 50 per cent of bridges and motorways have been restored, according to the department.