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Russian Government to Consider Fulfilment of International Obligations in Sphere of Space Programs

On Thursday, April 3rd, the Russian Government will consider at a regular session the issue concerning the fulfilment of international obligations in the sphere of space programs, the Government Information Department told the press as much. A relevant report will be made by General Director of the Air and Space Agency Yury Koptev.

The agenda of the Cabinet of ministers session also includes the discussion of the federal draft law "On Ratification of Agreement on Juridical Status of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation" (the parties to the agreement are Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan, Kirghizia and Uzbekistan) and the federal draft law "On Ratification of the Charter of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation".

Moreover, the government will also consider the issue concerning the expediency of financial allocations for the Sakhalin Region administration (particularly for the Sakhalin island and the Kuril islands) from the state reserve fund on the prevention and elimination of emergency situations and outcomes of natural calamities.

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