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Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder to Attend Russian-German Forum Saint Petersburg Dialogue

A Russian-German forum entitled Saint Petersburg Dialogue will be held at the State University on April 10-12 as part of Germany's contribution to celebrations of the city's anniversary and President Vladimir Putin and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder are both expected to attend. German Consul to Russia Ulrich Schoening made this announcement to a Rosbalt correspondent yesterday at the international press centre 300 Years of Saint Petersburg.

One of the most interesting events during the ten days of festivities will be a street performance organised by the German economic delegation together with the Hamburg Fish Market on Bolshoi Prospect, Vasilievsky Island, on May 24. Stefan Stein, head of the Saint Petersburg branch of the German delegation, said 'the fish market is a local attraction in Hamburg. From 5 o'clock in the morning the market sells all kinds of fish as well as meat and sausage. This market will be a reproduction of typical German festivities.'

The German programme of events includes a week of Bavarian Cinema, which began on April 1 and will continue until April 8 in Dom Kino [House of Cinema]. Also, an exhibition of miniature classical chairs from the 19th and 20th centuries (scale of 1:6) will be held at the new exhibition hall of the State Museum of City Sculpture from April 8 to 27. A German ballet company featuring John Neumaier will be performing at the Mariinsky Theatre from June 12 to 20 and a seminar Historical Places in Europe. Saint Petersburg from 1880 to 1924 will be organised by German Professor Karl Schlegel at the European University from August 1. There will also be other events.

One of Germany's most significant gifts to the city on its anniversary is from Ruhrgas company, which is allocating EUR 3.5 million to restoring the Amber Room at the Yekaterinsky Palace outside Saint Petersburg. Also, the German government is financing restoration work on the astronomical Gottorf Globe of the 17th century at the Kunstkamera Museum, which is expected to cost about EUR 20 thousand.

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