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Moscow hosted meeting of CIS member-countries representatives

Moscow hosted a meeting of the top level Working group on the CIS bodies structure development issues, which was chaired by Russia's First Deputy Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Trubnikov and comprised of the CIS member-countries' representatives.

During the meeting it was decided to set up an expert committee headed by a representative of Kazakhstan, which will prepare coordinated proposals on the CIS bodies structure development and reduction of their staff, said the Foreign Ministry's press and information department to RIA Novosti.

These proposals will be considered at a regular meeting of the top level Working group in Astana.

In the course of the meeting all those present expressed a general opinion that "the Commonwealth was a good form of multilateral cooperation in the interests of all countries which it embraced and there was no other alternative to cooperate in a twelve-member format," said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It was also stressed the CIS bodies structure development and higher efficiency of their activity was an important condition that could open up the CIS potential. This process must be evolutionary and well-directed, said the members of the meeting.

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