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Communist Party suggests Russia should terminate diplomatic ties with Poland

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation suggested breaking diplomatic relations with Poland and calling off the Russian ambassador from Warsaw. The suggestion followed the law about the demolition of Soviet monuments in Poland.

Communist MP Nikolai Kharitonov said at the meeting of the State Duma said that Russia should respond to the law adopted by the Polish Seym. "Our appeal should envisage termination of diplomatic ties with Poland. We should call off our ambassador from Poland, expel the Polish ambassador and shut down all kind of trade with Poland," the MP said.

As many as 600,000 soldiers of the Red Army were killed in Poland. The State Duma called the latest move of the Polish authorities an act of desecration of the memory of Soviet people who defended Poland from Nazis. Russia's Public Chamber appealed to the UN with a demand to give a public assessment to the Polish law about the demolition of Soviet monuments in Poland.

Earlier, Russian MPs suggested Poland should exhume the remains of Soviet soldiers, who were killed on the territory of Poland during the Great Patriotic War. Just Russia MP Oleg Nilov said that Russia would find a place to bury its soldiers. "If they do not want our grandfathers, fathers to lie in the Polish land, return the remains of our fighters to Russia, , exhume them with honors. We will find a place where to bury them in Russia," said Nilov.


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