Source Pravda.Ru

Vladimir Putin orders that funds be allotted for doctors, teachers and children

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered that extra funds be allocated for education, health service and children's social protection. According to the order, in the third quarter of the year 14.1 mln roubles will be allocated from the presidential reserve fund to educational institutions, about 6 mln roubles - to social services and 425,000 roubles - to health services, the Kremlin press service informed RIA Novosti.

The president entrusted ministers of education, labour and health with control over the targeted expenditure of the allocated funds and with presenting expense accounts to the presidential administration.

At a consultation with cabinet ministers on Monday Vladimir Putin also called on the government to work harder in order to find a general solution to the problem of arrears of wages to public sector workers. According to the government's information, the debts have not been paid off in 16 out of 89 constituent members of the Russian Federation yet.

The president said that people must know the real situation, and suggested that mass media publish information of where people had not got wages and who was to blame for the last month. It is local authorities that are to blame, the government believes.