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Military Satellite To Be Launched Saturday From Baikonur

A military Kosmos-class satellite is expected to be launched from the Baikonur launching site at 8:45 p. m. Moscow time, on October 6. The satellite will be delivered to orbit by a new modification of the Proton booster rocket, which is capable of carrying heavier objects than other modifications of the aforementioned vehicle, the press service at the Russian Space Force was quoted as saying. According to Commander of the Russian Space Force Colonel-General Anatoly Perminov, this launch is in no way connected with the situation in Central Asia. "All the launches to be performed this year, have been previously planned," Perminov said. "Reinforcement of the Russian orbital group has been scheduled. These plans have been co-ordinated with Rosaviakosmos and approved by the relevant governmental bodies."

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