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Putin accepts ambassadors' credentials in the Kremlin

06.11.2002 | Source:



During a Kremlin ceremony on Tuesday, President Putin accepted the letters of credit from a series of foreign ambassadors.

When addressing the Hungarian ambassador, the Russian leader noted with satisfaction that there had been a recent upturn in political dialogue and bilateral contacts between Russia and Hungary.

Putin pointed out that Russia was interested in expanding mutually advantageous trade-economic and scientific and technological co-operation, and widening contacts in the humanitarian sphere, as well as increasing the level of effective interaction between the two countries' regions. In this connection, the Russian expressed his hope that the scheduled visit to be made by the Hungarian prime minister at the end of the year would move this process on from the stage of declarations "to practical multi-faceted co-operation." According to Vladimir Putin, personal preliminary contacts with the Hungarian leadership have convinced him that this is entirely possible.

Putin said that Russia highly valued its friendly relations with the Republic of Cyprus, saying that it was in the two nations' common interests to use Russo-Cypriot potential to the full in economic, above all, investment, as well as scientific and technological and cultural ties. Moreover, the president stressed that Russia was intending to interact more energetically to reach a just and effective decision of the Cyprus problem on the basis of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.

Putin said that the "active and rich political dialogue" between Russia and Vietnam had brought bilateral relations to the level of "strategic partnership." According to him, October's Russo-Vietnam summit, which was held in Moscow, was "an important landmark on this way." Russia values also the "traditions and friendship and partnership that have bound Russia and Tunisia over many decades," the head of state said. Putin added that "mutual respect and trust, a common desire to develop our economic ties" lay at their basis.

Russia is aiming to establish partnership relations with all states that defend democratic principles, the head of state emphasised. He noted with satisfaction that Russia's co-operation with those states whose ambassadors presented their letters of credit today could serve as an example of this.

In conclusion the Russian president expressed his certainty that the new ambassadors' work would serve "to further the development and strengthening of ties" between Russia and those countries represented today in the Kremlin.


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