Source Pravda.Ru

Russian Constitutional Court discloses its decision concerning elections of regional leaders

The Russian Constitutional Court disclosed on Tuesday its decision concerning the governor office term in Russia's constituent members. Now, a governor's term should be counted from October 1999, i.e. from the moment when the federal law "On General Principles of Forming Legislative /Representative/ Bodies in Constituent Members of the Russian Federation" was adopted.

As to those Russian regions whose constitution and legislation limited governors' term in office with two terms prior to the adoption of the aforementioned law, their legislators will independently decide how such terms should be counted - either from 1999 or from the moment when a relevant norm appeared in a local legislation.

Taking into account this new law, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov can be elected for only one more term, while Bashkirian and Kalmyk presidents Murtaza Rakhimov and Kirsan Ilyumzhinov respectively have the right to run for presidency two more times.