Source Pravda.Ru

The Kremlin considers developments in southern Russia in connection with the natural calamity

Deputy Emergencies Minister Yuri Vorobyov reported on Saturday at the meeting in the Kremlin that 37 people had died in the area of the natural calamity in southern Russia.

Yuri Shevchenko, head of the Health Ministry, added that all casualties were mostly within the unorganized tourists category. According to him, 33 of them drowned, 4 people died as a result of heart attacks caused by stress.

In general, according to Boris Gryzlov, head of the Ministry of the Interior, they managed "to coordinate efforts" of different departments and thus to "avoid graver consequences" of the natural calamity on the coast of the Black sea.

In his turn, Vorobyov stressed that they managed to avoid more serious consequences of the natural calamity in the south of Russia because back on 5 August they issued a storm warning to "appropriate services of Novorossiisk." According to the deputy Emergencies Minister, residents of these regions and tourists were timely withdrawn from the natural calamity area.

Also sectors of the Novorossiisk-Krymsk and Novorossiisk-Krasnodar railroads were destroyed in the Krasnodar region. 147 electric substations were put out of action.