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Vladimir Putin Meets Communication And Informatization Minister

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting Saturday with Russia's communication and informatization minister Leonid Reiman. According to the president's press secretary Alexei Gromov, the branch's development was discussed during the meeting, in particular, provision of the population with telephone communication. According to the press secretary, the minister told the president the number of telephones mounted in apartments increased for the last two years by 3.5 million. Vladimir Putin paid particular attention to the necessity to provide with telephone communication more Russia's countryside regions. Although the number of digital telephone stations in the countryside since 1999 increased twice, this is far from enough to provide for the population's needs, it was said at the meeting. The issue of Internet development in Russia was touched upon during the conversation. According to Gromov, the minister reported to the president that the number of computers with the population has increased by almost 40% for the two years. The number of permanent Internet users has grown by 1 million. According to Alexei Gromov, Leonid Reiman reported to the president "on measures taken by the Russian post to provide its protection from potential dangers."

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