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Yuri Luzhkov States Support For Policy Pursued By Russian President

The Otechestvo (Fatherland) organisation supports the policy pursued by the Russian president, Yuri Luzhkov, leader of the organisation and Moscow Mayor, stated speaking at the third congress of Otechestvo underway in Moscow. Luzhkov believes that the decline and anarchy are being changed by "accord based on the realisation of the need to strengthen the state and power vertical and restore the economy and social sphere of the country." The Otechestvo leader stressed that currently all the spheres are being stabilised and the economy is on the rise. He also noted that "oligarchs have been deprived of access to government resources." At the same time, Luzhkov said that Russia still faces many unsettled problems. Speaking about the Russian economic development Yuri Luzhkov emphasised that "given the need to attract foreign investment, the main sources of the economic growth are within the country." In his opinion, it is necessary to restore people's trust that they could invest in the Russian economic development.

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