Source Pravda.Ru

SPS party leader comments on Russian-Belarusian Union

The period of "indistinct" relations between Russia and Belarus wasfinished by Vladimir Putin's proposals, Irina Khakamada, co-head of theUnion of Right Forces (SPS), said in an interview with RBC. According toher, three scenarios of a further development of the situation arepossible. The first variant is that Belarus agrees with Putin's proposalsand "this is an optimal model for the geopolitical strengthening of the twostates". The second variant is that Belarus denies the proposals, and inthis event Russia "should not imitate some kind of rapprochement andcreation of a two-level union state in a form of confederation, which makesthe administrative model more complicated", she thinks. The third scenariois "an indistinct reaction and holding of positions in a form of apolitical dialogue with misty perspectives".The leader of the SPS believes that all three variants suit Russia."However, Belarus is in an extremely complicated position", she concluded..