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State Duma Hosts Weapons Exhibition

18.10.2002 | Source:



The State Duma is hosting an exhibition called "Culturally valuable weapons." The exhibition is organized by the Duma Committee on Security in assistance with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation within the framework of preparation for holding the first reading on amendments to the law "On Weapons," which authorizes making, possessing and collecting weapons of cultural value.

It is the first time a bill is supposed to give a legal definition to culturally valuable weapons and protect the rights and interests of collectors, artists and gunsmiths.

At present, the absence of necessary clauses in the Russian legislation prescribes to apply the same rules to culturally valuable weapons as to regular service weapons. It results in problems with holding weapon shows. Extensive collections of the Russian museums remain virtually inaccessible, and talented Russian artists working with weapons are frequently prosecuted.

Passing the bill will provide for implementing a single state policy on culturally valuable weapon circulation, will contribute to enriching the collections of the Russian Museum Reserve and the development of arts and crafts in the field of weapon making.

The show exhibits rare examples of ancient weapons from the collections of the State History Museum, as well as wonderful works of weapon artists from the "Gunsmiths Guild" and other valuable examples of author's weapons.


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