Source Pravda.Ru

More than 100 amendments proposed to federal anti-extremism bill

Russian MPs have proposed 100 amendments to a draft law on countering extremism, the chairman of the lower chamber's legislative committee, Pavel Krasheninnikov, said at a press conference.

Most of the MPs propose to toughen criminal responsibility, he said. They move that formation of extremists groupings should be considered a crime to be punished by six years of imprisonment.

They also propose to introduce articles concerning responsibility for rifling of tombs, Krasheninnikov said. Legal entities continuing their activity after their organisations were forbidden will also bear criminal responsibility. The financing of extremist groups will result in suspension of the sponsor's activity and even in liquidation of the enterprise.

Public demonstration of swastika, dissemination of literature, encouragement of racial and national hatred will also be punishable, Krasheninnikov stated.

Although the MPs withdrew all articles concerning suspension of political parties' activities from the draft law, communists are not going to support it, Krasheninnikov believes.

"However, the law will be passed, although by a narrow margin," Krasheninnikov said.

The law on countering extremism will pass the second reading in the State Duma on Thursday. Krasheninnikov believes it will come into force as early as this July.