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Party Of Justice And National Revival Holds Constituent Congress In Moscow

The Party of Justice and National Revival has opened its constituent congress in Moscow. Sergei Baburin, the leader of the Russian National Union who chairs the congress, urged all radicals, conservatives and socialists present to "create a harmonious union that could ensure the triumph of justice and national revival of Russia." According to Baburin, the ideology of the new party is based on three principles, namely national revival with simultaneous preservation of the Russian civilization and world outlook, recognition of democracy and separate forms of liberalism, administrative and territorial division of Russia in accordance with due consideration to the cultural autonomy of each nation. Baburin also announced the party's political credo /sovereignty of the people in the form of local self-government/ and suggested a short name for the party /Narodnaya Volya, or People's Freedom/. The new party is being co-founded by the Russian National Union, the SPAS movement and the Union of Realists. In all, the congress gathered 284 delegates from different regions of Russia.

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