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Marine Le Pen: Ukrainian authorities commit war crimes

The leader of the French National Front Party, Marine De Pen, stated that she shared Moscow's stance regarding the crisis in Ukraine.

Marine Le Pen is currently in Moscow, where she appeared at the meeting of the State Duma.

"I was one of the few politicians in France, who were defending their own point of view on Ukraine that coincided with that of Russia," she said. Le Pen also said that she had been stressing the role of the European Union in igniting the conflict in Ukraine. Several of her colleagues in France shared her position on Ukraine, but later changed their views for opportunistic reasons, Marine Le Pen added.

Marine Le Pen is convinced that "there is a civil war in Ukraine" and there are no Russian troops there. "We are forced to deal with a government that came to power illegally, as a result of the Maidan revolution, and now bombs the population in Donetsk and Luhansk. This is a war crime," she said.

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The French politician believes that the French authorities listen to "their American masters." "They want to bring the NATO zone to the Russian border, and the Ukrainian conflict is helping them at that," Le Pen said.

In addition, Marine Le Pen spoke about the stupidity of sanctions imposed on Russia. "We do not believe either in the diplomacy of threats, the diplomacy of sanctions, or in the diplomacy of blackmail," Le Pen said, noting that the EU has been applying this policy not only against Russia, but EU members too. "As for my attitude towards sanctions, you know that we have always been against them. I think it's unfair and even stupid," the French politician said.


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