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Vladimir Putin does not intend to accuse the regions of not efficiently carrying out reforms

President Vladimir Putin does not intend to accuse the regional authorities of not efficiently carrying out reforms. He said this on Monday at the news conference for Russian and foreign journalists in the Kremlin.

Answering the question of one of them, Vladimir Putin said that the regional leaders "undoubtedly support both the President and the government." At the same time, he continued, there are problems which directly concern some or other regions, and in this case it is necessary to seek the accomplishment of the set tasks.

The President admitted that "there was a certain resistance" at the regional level in deciding the key question of bringing the local legislations to conformity with the federal legislation. However, the Centre has succeeded on the whole to achieve the support of the regional leaders in this respect.

"This does not mean, however, that federal decisions are always optimal; arguments continue, and resistance sometimes occurs but it is never destructive for the state," stated the President.