Source Pravda.Ru

Russian Expert Comments On The Possibility Of Russia's Allying With The Usa

The emergence of a common enemy of Russia and the United States in the person of international terrorism brings about the possibility of a radical transformation of Russian-U.S. relations, the director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of U.S. and Canadian Studies said on Thursday at a meeting of the Civil Debates club. Sergei Rogov did not rule out the emergence of some model of alliance between the two countries. However, he said, this can happen only under certain circumstances, for example, if the Russian and U.S. leaders' notions of international terrorism coincide. Rogov emphasised that Russia must avoid situations in which its actions would turn into unilateral concessions to the United States. If Russia and the U.S.A. establish alliance, Russia will receive an opportunity to solve the problem of Soviet debts on a long-term basis through their rescheduling and partial writing-off, he said.