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Putin proposes to build non-visa relationship with EU

27.08.2002 | Source:



President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent messages to theChairman of the Commission of European Communities (CEC) and heads of EUmember countries devoted to the problem of the Kaliningrad region in viewof the expansion of the European Union. The main attention is paid toRussia's gradual intention to deepen its interaction with the EuropeanUnion and establish strategic partnership. The main aim is to turn Europeinto a peace continent without any borders, which includes Russia's deepintegration in the European economic, legal and humanitarian zone. It becomes obvious now, that further development of this process willrequire mutual travel freedoms for the citizens of Russia and membercountries of the European Union, the President wrote. In the contest of theEuropean choice of Russia, European security and collaboration, it isimportant to consider the problem of ensuring free transit of people andcargoes between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the Russianterritory. In this connection, Putin suggested that EU countries consider newintegration initiative of Russia that proposes to switch to non-visatravels of Russian and EU citizens. Putin expressed his belief that the twosides would manage to reach mutually beneficial agreements concerning theproblem of the Kaliningrad region at the upcoming Russia-US summit inCopenhagen in November. .


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