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Goal Of Establishment Of A Centrist Party Is Support For Russian President's Policy

The decision to establish a centrist party is aimed at giving the most effective support for the Russian president's policy, the Unity Party said in an address to its members and supporters. The address was adopted Saturday at Unity's 3rd congress. Delegates to the congress expressed their support for "gradual, planned and well-thought-out reforms in Russia." The address emphasised that the unification of centrists "is taking place amid positive changes in Russia, when the country's social, political and economic integration is entering a basically new level." The appeal said that "the establishment of a unified party is a sign of civic responsibility for the homeland's future and a symbol of high patriotic consciousness." The delegates emphasised that they have taken a "conscientious and principled approach to the establishment of a new party, whose ideology will be based on traditional Russian values: patriotism, family, morals, law, property, and public accord." They expressed confidence that "by uniting three political forces in one party, we will be able to use their will and energy for Russia's benefit."

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