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New Centrist Party's Goal Is Unification Of Society - Unity Leader

Since its establishment, the Unity Party has sought to establish stability in the country, Unity leader Sergei Shoigu told the party's 3rd congress. Now, he said, "this task has been accomplished." Shoigu emphasised that Unity's another objective was "rallying around President Vladimir Putin's policy." "If we want to support the president's policy, we must meet public sentiments and offer to people not political shows but a possibility to unite in order to fulfill common tasks," he said. Shoigu called on Unity supporters to "meet new challenges offered by the 21st century." He said there has emerged a pressing need for the rallying of all centrist forces "around positive values to achieve common goals." "The goal of the new party will be to unite the whole of society, irrespective of people's political views and ideological inclinations," Shoigu said. He expressed confidence that such a party will soon be established and added that Unity and its allies seek to establish a "really responsible party of power, representing a majority of the population."

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