Source Pravda.Ru

Draft budget for 2003 should be submitted to government August 8

President Vladimir Putin of Russia set the task of submitting the draft budget for 2003 to the government August 8.

Speaking Monday at a traditional conference with Cabinet members the head of state noted that the government should start intensive discussion of the budget with deputies right with the beginning of the State Duma autumn session.

At the same time, Putin expressed a hope that the 2003 budget parameters connected with financing the whole military component could be fulfilled.

The president reported that last Saturday together with military departments it became possible to come closer to resolving the tasks of reforming the armed forces and honouring social obligations to military servicemen relating to increase of monetary remuneration depending on post and increase of monetary remuneration depending on rank from January 1, 2003.

"This will fully cover all departments regarded on a par with the armed forces," the head of state said.