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Presidential Advisor Compliments Russian Policymakers On Judgment In The Wake Of Set.11 Attacks

In the wake of the tragic events of September 11 in the United States, Russia "has demonstrated responsibility not only for what happens inside the country, but also for the situation worldwide," Andrei Illarionov, economics advisor to the Russian President, said on Monday. Speaking to a news conference held in the framework of the World Economic Forum's Moscow session, Illarionov said, "the measures taken by the Russian leaders were responsible and balanced." He feels that, among other things, the moves resulted in the fact that "Russia is a member of the international anti-terror coalition, not an anti-Taliban or anti-Afghan coalition." He stressed that "the situation that has emerged in the world over the last one and a half months is giving new opportunities for Russia, and the Russian authorities are determined to take advantage of those opportunities to the benefit of the country, acting as they have before, in a balanced and responsible way."

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