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Faeces to protect Martian astronauts from radiation


American non-profit foundation Inspiration Mars, which works on the project of a manned mission to Mars, offered an original way to protect astronauts from radiation.

Taber McCullum is certain that humans can be protected from radiation by placing food, water and body wastes inside the walls of a spacecraft.

"It's a little queasy sounding, but there's no place for that material to go, and it makes great radiation shielding," McCullum said. 

Body wastes and food are to be placed in special bags that will be hanging on the walls of a spacecraft. Such a shield, 40 centimeters thick, will serve an excellent protection for astronauts.

However, the problem of drinking water reserves remains. Developers suggest astronauts should recycle their own urine in space. In space, the process is more complicated as it is on Earth, not to mention the revolting smell. 


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