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China to recruit women for deep-sea research


The Chinese National Center for deep-sea research decided to recruit female divers to explore the ocean depths. According to the director of the center, Liu Feng, women are more accurate may contribute a lot into the field of deep-sea research.

According to media reports, in 2013, China plans to increase the number of deep-diving manned submersibles. Therefore, the center has decided to train new marine researchers. To date, the study involves only two deep-sea scientists from China. Last year, they tested a deep-sea vehicle in the area of the Mariana Trench. The vehicle reached the depth of 7,015 meters.

Currently, the deep-sea research center of China develops the program and standards to select would-be researchers. For women, requirements will be softer than for men, who, among other things, will have to make light repairs aboard the submersibles.

According to previous standards, deep-sea research was available only for men over 35 years old, with higher technical education.


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