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Apple takes bite at mobile market

Apple is already the biggest name in the growing world of digital music, but last night Apple revealed its blueprint for further domination by unveiling a new model iPod and a music-playing mobile phone.

As the latest additions to the company's range of wildly popular iPod digital music players, Apple's boss, Steve Jobs, announced the iPod Nano and a mobile phone handset called Rokr. The Nano, a super-slim music player which can hold up to 1,000 songs, will be available by this weekend.

"It's impossibly small," said Mr Jobs. The Nano resembles the iPod Shuffle, the small player released earlier this year, but has a screen, weighs just 42g and comes in two different capacities.

The long-awaited Rokr E1 handset, also dubbed the "iPhone", will be launched in the UK next week. But the model, produced in conjunction with the world's second largest mobile manufacturer, Motorola, has underwhelmed some, with the capacity to carry just 100 songs.

By launching this phone, Apple expects to increase its download music revenues as users of Rokr can only buy songs from iTunes, repotred The Guardian.

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