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Logic bomb for Medco Health Solutions

A logic bomb in a romp!

A former systems administrator for Medco Health Solutions, Inc. got 30 months of imprisonment for his revenge on the company.

Yung-Hsun Lin, 51, planted a "logic bomb" in Medco's computer systems in attempt to destroy data on some 70 servers, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The bomb turned out to be a malicious code that does harm when the programmed conditions are met.

In 2003 Lin found out that he would be laid off in the wake of a corporate restructuring. Though Lin stayed, he edited the malicious code.

On or about April 23, 2004 , the “logic bomb” was triggered, but because of an error in the code, it failed to deploy and delete the information stored on the Medco Servers.

Next try was planned on April 23, 2005 . But other Medco IT personnel discovered the hidden scripts and removed them.

In addition to 30 month sentence Lin has also been ordered to pay $81,200 in restitution.

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