Source Pravda.Ru

Large asteroid, 2012 TC4, to fly near Earth on October 12

An asteroid the size of about 30 meters will fly near Earth at a distance of about 88,000 kilometers on Friday, October 12.

The Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union said that the astronomers of Pan-STARRS observatory in Hawaii first observed the celestial body, called 2012 TC4, on October 4th. According to scientists, the size of the asteroid may range from 9 to 28 meters. If so, in this case it is better to refer to the celestial body as a meteorite, rather than an asteroid.

On Sunday, a large asteroid, from 24 to 55 meters large, flew past Earth. The asteroid was discovered on October 5, added. The asteroid was discovered by Tenagra Observatory in Arizona, and was given the code 2012 TV. The asteroid flew 254,000 kilometers far from the Earth, which was 0.6 of the distance to the Moon.