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Blue Cross ignores doctor-patient confidentiality

Health insurance giant Blue Cross of California is asking doctors to report immediately to the company any medical conditions they find that are not listed on patient applications. Thereby the company wants to reduce the costs.

Doctors object to the actions of Blue Cross, though it’s easy to understand them.

They say that the company should stop doing it as it may cause great problems for all sides: patients won’t tell their doctors everything that is wrong with them, doctors won’t be able to treat them properly, the company may get even greater public protest.

The California Medical Association protests the request. The members of the association say that Blue Cross of California should stop ignoring one of the most sacred trusts in American society. It’s appropriate to ask doctors to violate a sacred trust for the benefit of cost cutting. There simply has to be another way. And, if there isn't another way, then the costs shouldn't be cut.

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