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"Aging in place" program provides seniors with choice and help

Have you heard anything about “aging in place.” Actually it has gained popularity and was celebrated by the National Aging in Place Week and the National Aging in Place Council that promotes the positive outcomes of seniors having a choice in their care and living arrangements.

“Aging in place” - is a movement in support of the idea - growing older without having to move from your current place of living (your home) to a retirement home or some other place as you get older in order to secure necessary support services in response to changing needs.

There exist now Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) specialists to fill the growing need in this service model for seniors. Communities are now fully engaged and committed to exploring ways to better serve seniors by developing action plans that address the future needs and ensure that the services are in place for seniors.

Aging in Place Initiative offers a multi-level of services within one campus/senior community such as: independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer's care, Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) /Nursing home.

For example, one can be provided with daily caregivers, transportation to doctor’s visits and the hair salon, and visits from neighbors bringing meals and encouragement.

The main focus is not having to move from place to place, and being familiar with the community, allowing the individual to "age in place". All the housing levels are fitted with all the ADA requirements, call buttons and high speed cable.

Aging in Place should reduce forced relocation to a different living arrangement (and sometimes, transfer trauma also known as relocation stress syndrome) and produce more favorable outcomes.

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