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Nicotine addiction: it's all gene's fault!

According to a recently published study, nicotine addiction is caused by a genetic defect which prevents liver to rid one's body from nicotine.

The researchers analysed information on &to=' target=_blank>smoking habits and symptoms of nicotine dependence, gathered from almost 1200 grade 7 students in 10 schools. Blood samples were taken to identify genetic profiles, and 228 students who smoked, but were not yet addicted were subsequently monitored for around two years.

67 students became addicted to &to=' target=_blank>nicotine with the dependency more likely among those students with the "inactive" gene variants of the CYP2A6 gene. Such students were almost three times as likely to become addicted to &to=' target=_blank>tobacco as those with the normal variants of the gene, reports Webindia123.

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