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Chemiakin's new sculpture composition unveiled in St.Petersburg

Mihail Chemiakin's Tsar's Promenade sculpture composition has been unveiled in the Strelna Palace of Congresses.

Chemiakin, one of the best contemporary sculptors, said at the opening ceremony that the image of Peter the Great, the first Russian Emperor and the creator of St Petersburg, had always been dear to him.

Chemiakin elaborated in a conversation with journalists that the composition portrayed Emperor Peter and his spouse Catherine at a promenade. He added that the sculpture of Catherine I was the first ever created. "I tried to preserve the iconic semblance while working at the image of Catherine I," Chemiakin said. Her image was created on the basis of her old portrait and an engraving made during Catherine's lifetime. All copies of the engraving were destroyed as the image was recognised as unsuccessful.

The sculpture was created in the United States and delivered to St Petersburg by air. The monument costs $1 million, Chemiakin added.

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