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Naomi Watts says screams in "King Kong" remake reflect modern woman

Naomi Watts knew the role of Ann Darrow in &to=' target=_blank>"King Kong" was one that demanded a strong set of pipes.

Watts, who stars as Darrow in Peter Jackson's big-budget remake of the 1933 classic, says her character's screams are part of movie lore just as much as the big, plane-swatting ape.

"It's funny, the whole scream thing, because you don't really scream in real life," Watts told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "If there's truly anything scary, then you would almost swallow it. And if there's a mouse nearby, you'd squeal: `Aaiiee!'

"Where does a scream come from? It's really movies, I think."

Though Watts certainly lets out a few choice cries, Jackson's "King Kong" isn't quite as filled with the head-flung-backward, throat-rattling shrieks that packed the original or the 1976 "King Kong."

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