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Orinoid meteor shower to illuminate the skies at night

At night of October 20-21, one will be able to see a bright astronomical phenomenon - a meteor shower in the constellation of Orion. The frequency of the meteor shower will reach 20 meteors per hour, according to the Moscow Planetarium.

"During the coming weekend, the meteor shower in the constellation of Orion - Orinoids -  associated with Halley Comet (1P/Halley) is going to reach its peak. The last time, when the comet flew near Earth was in 1986, but its detached particles annually reach the Earth's atmosphere twice a year, forming meteor showers. In spring time, this phenomenon is known as May Aquarids, whereas in autumn it is commonly known as Orionids," representatives of the Moscow Planetarium said.

One will be able to observe Orionids from midnight until morning. The maximum amount of bright meteors - up to 15-20 meteors per hour - can be observed very early in the morning on October 21. The moon will be beyond the horizon at this moment and will not outshine observations.


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