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NASA finds bodies of aliens and flying saucer on Mars

11.01.2017 | Source:


NASA finds bodies of aliens and flying saucer on Mars. 59585.png
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NASA scientists found strange objects reminiscent of a flying saucer and bodies of extraterrestrial beings when studying photo images of the surface of Mars. The position of the bodies, or at least something that looks like them, suggested that they could guide the spaceship. 

The objects resembling the bodies of alien creatures were half-ruined. Having zoomed in the photos, the scientists could clearly see the remains of the alien beings: two heads and the chest. Obtaining more detailed images is impossible, as the Martian rover is moving away from the site, where the strange objects were found. 

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Meanwhile, scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences believe that there is a high probability for primitive life forms to exist on Mars, especially in the polar regions of the Red Planet, the head of the laboratory of cosmic gamma-ray spectroscopy of the Space Research Institute of RAS, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Igor Mitrofanov said. 

The presence of water ice in the Martian soil indicates such a possibility, the scientist said. A primitive form of life is likely to be the cause for emissions of methane in the atmosphere of Mars. Fragments of ancient organisms that inhabited Mars more than 3.5 billion years ago are likely to be found in hard formations of Mars, when the Red Planet had a denser atmosphere and an Earth-like  magnetic field.


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