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Traces of aliens found on the Moon again. NASA remains silent

16.03.2017 | Source:


Traces of aliens found on the Moon again. NASA remains silent. 59986.jpeg
Source: YouTube screencap

Ufologists have found new traces of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations on the Moon. New satellite images, allegedly taken by an orbital probe that has been orbiting the Earth's natural satellite for seven years, showed strange objects on the surface of the Moon.

"UFO catchers" studied the photos and found strange-looking "formations" on the Moon. Some assumed that the constructions that one could see on the satellite photos could be a base of extraterrestrial creatures. According to ufologists, NASA has been aware of such facts for a long time, but the agency conceals the information from the general public.

The researchers also found an unusual triangle crater on the photos. The clear lines of the crater questioned its natural origin. Interestingly, the triangle crater does not appear on other photos that the probe made later.

Ufologists believe that the images captured the wreckage of an alien ship that crashed on the Moon. The researchers could also see a chain of footprints that lead to the mysterious object.

However, as in other similar cases, the reason for the "discovery" could be pareidolia - a well-known illusion that makes one perceive unusual formations and outlines (including rocks and shadows) as something more "organized" and therefore more understandable.


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