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Users to be Blamed for Passwords Breaking

A U.S. data security firm said a study of passwords from the breach found "123456" was the most commonly used password among users.

The Imperva security firm said in a release Thursday a study of the 32 million passwords exposed during a December breach of a RockYou database indicates numerical passwords were popular among users.

While "123456" topped the list, the study found "12345" was the second most commonly used password among users. The password "123456789" was third overall.

The term "password" took fourth on the list, while "iloveyou" and "princess" took fifth and sixth respectively.

While "rockyou" earned seventh on the list, numerical passwords made the list again with "1234567" in eighth and "12345678" in ninth.

Imperva Chief Technical Officer Amichai Shulman said the list, which was rounded off with "abc123" in 10th, shows the vulnerability of certain passwords. has contributed to the report.

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